League of Legends (LoL) is one of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games in the world. With over 140 different champions to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to pick which ones to play. In this blog post, I will be counting down my top 7 favorite League of Legends champions based on how fun they are to play, their impact on games, and overall design. Whether you’re a new player looking for champions to try or a veteran wanting to see if your main made the cut, read on for the top 7 LoL champions!

#7 – Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer

Kicking off the list is Ezreal, an adaptable marksman who excels at poking from range thanks to his Mystic Shot ability. What makes Ezreal so fun is his high skill ceiling – landing skill shots takes precision but the payoff of chunking enemies from a distance is so satisfying. Ezreal can build ability power or attack damage so you can customize his playstyle to be more caster focused or auto-attack focused. His Arcane Shift allows him to dash quickly making him very slippery. Overall, Ezreal brings good damage and flexibility to any team.

#6 – Thresh, the Chain Warden

Coming in at number six is Thresh, a sinister support who controls the battlefield with his hooks and traps. Thresh is a playmaking support who brings both utility and damage to his team. His signature move Dark Passage allows him to create a portal for allies to take, letting him make big plays by bringing teammates to the fight or saving them from danger. Landing Death Sentence hooks on enemies feels so rewarding, especially when you chain it into his box cage The Box. Overall, if you like playmaking supports with great crowd control, Thresh is the champion for you.

#5 – Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time

Sneaking into the top 5 is Ekko, an assassin armed with a time-shifting device that lets him control skirmishes. Ekko brings unique utility to teamfights with his ultimate Chronobreak, which turns back time to heal him and restore his position from a few seconds ago. This allows him to dive in, unleash damage, and then undo his presence in the fight. His Phase Dive and Timewinder abilities give him mobility and let him slow enemies from range. Ekko is perfect for players who want to outplay opponents with an assassin that has great survivability.

#4 – Jinx, the Loose Cannon

Wreaking havoc at number four is Jinx, a crazy yet powerful marksman. What makes Jinx so fun to play is her ability to rapidly snowball fights in her favor. Scoring takedowns grants her bonus movement speed from Get Excited!, allowing her to zip around teamfights at high speeds. She can blast away grouped up enemies with her Super Mega Death Rocket ultimate or switch to heavier Fishbones attacks for more destruction. Jinx is the perfect champion for players looking to hard carry games with a late game marksman.

#3 – Lee Sin, the Blind Monk

Kicking his way to the number three spot is Lee Sin, the Blind Monk. Lee Sin is arguably the most mechanically intensive champion, requiring high skill to master. His extreme mobility with abilities like Safeguard and Sonic Wave make him excellent at initiating fights and dashing between enemies. Landing skill shot Q’s, using Ward hops, and executing combos with his ultimate Dragon’s Rage are so satisfying to pull off. In the hands of a skilled player, Lee Sin is a menace capable of making game-changing plays.

#2 – Yasuo, the Unforgiven

Slashing in at number two is Yasuo, a lightning fast swordsman with critical strike bonuses. Yasuo zooms around cutting down enemies during teamfights by dashing through minions and champions with Sweeping Blade. His Wind Wall can completely shut down enemy projectiles, allowing him to duel anyone. Getting a well timed Last Breath ultimate to suspend targets high in the air simply feels phenomenal. With high outplay potential, Yasuo is perfect for players who want to wow teammates and enemies with their mechanical skills.

#1 – Riven, the Exile

And taking the top spot on our list is Riven, the Exile. Riven is a vibrant fighter who uses her broken sword and agility to take down opponents. No other champion has combos and cancels quite like Riven does, making her the choice for players who want complex mechanical mastery. Weaving in auto attacks between abilities while perfectly executing her Ki Burst and Wind Slash combo is so intricately satisfying. Riven also has great versatility – she can build damage or tanky, dominate her lane opponent, and outplay in teamfights. For these reasons, Riven stands out as the most fun champion in League of Legends.


That wraps up my list of the top 7 most fun League of Legends champions. Whether you prefer assassins like Ekko, marksmen like Jinx, or high skill fighters like Yasuo and Riven, there’s a champion for every playstyle. Of course, there are many other fun champs beyond just these seven. The best part of LoL is that with over 140 options to pick from, you’ll never get bored. Just pick a champion that matches your preferred playstyle and you’ll be enjoying the game in no time. Thanks for reading! Let me know if you agree or disagree with these picks.

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